Play over 2,400 games with MS-DOS web browser

The author of the Internet Archive site is published more than 2,400 MS-DOS game programmer Jason Scott. According to Scott, he was trying to bring this ancient game on your computer’s browser to fully functional as possible, but some games may operate unstable.


The library contains over 2,400 MS-DOS game.

But above all, the Internet Archive is one option to help players back in time to review a game played on MS-DOS interface. There almost all MS-DOS games familiar, like game with guns, but football, racing … And users can play free on the web browser computer easily.


After the game, players can leave a comment, rated by stars for each game. Even some games are full simulation process load game screen MS-DOS-like.

If you’re feeling all hyped up, then simply head over to this link to get started or click here.


How to play the game high scores Gold Digging Game

To download the app Gold Digging Game and play on the computer, if time is running out, you do not waste time on the big piece of gold, make the time to pick one small gold members $ 50. Sometimes you will lose only $ 1 for you.

gold digging game

Know how to use tools and weapons support when playing games such as bombs, bottle of tonic, the cotton grass luck. In particular, the stack at least 3 plant explosives. There ring you have to play strategy and take at least two members of explosives that, or we can help you get rid of when you pull the wrong piece of gold thin ice or at unreasonable.

You remember that you buy water cycle adds value  diamonds. . When the mouse to display tha diamond in sight screen so you can shoot in hidden corners that after 3 seconds. Opportunities you reap the mouse and diamond high

Also, do not despise the pocket $. Sometimes it is not helping your 800D or strength increases rapidly multiply traction there.

And finally, do not waste the money for these items need to use a lot of money if it is not necessary and profitable.

Wish you fun!

How to play the game high scores Strikes fruit – Fruit Ninja

Game cutting fruit – Fruit Ninja, probably most of you know about this game right away, because it is a simple game and very popular Halfbrick Studios. But how many points you play, which is the highest point of it?

Fruit Ninja HD

Fvir  to share some tips on how to play the game Strikes fruit so that you achieve the best possible score after 1 period practiced long and hard to play games fruit slashing his degree that more stable and more adept. 900 point threshold slash game mode 1 minute more easily achieved than before. I want to share some experience when cutting fruit game interesting for you to achieve the highest score possible. The game has several modes of play, here I want to say one minute game modes to achieve the highest score. You have to try to slash as many combos as possible, ie when you slash combo first puffs are 3 or more fruits, 3 consecutive continuous play slashing combo will be rewarded with one of the starting points given 5 points; 10 points … and 30 points is the highest number of points you can achieve when cutting consecutive 18-play combo. And when reaching This bonus maintain the ideal state of points (30 points) Try to slash as many combos as possible so you need to practice a lot. And of course there is also need a bit of luck if you get hacked many special banana (I like chuoi.hehe), the number of points you gain will be quite sudden and rapid. In play mode Strikes fruit game with 3 types of bananas in particular, I will speak in detail each type of banana as follows: 1, Banana Orange: When cutting this kind makes the fruit fly as rain spoiled the guillotine offline. Try to slash as many combos in this series. Pay attention to how the flying banana, with bombs will easily lose points. I saw many times it flies very similar, there are ways to slash combo can achieve the highest score. This saying is hard, but when you play for the first bit will see it too. 2, dark blue Bananas: Bananas When cutting this kind will be multiplied by 2 points in the first period of validity by game regulations. 3, blue Bananas: How to stop the countdown time and make the fruit fly slower than normal so you can base combo 1 easily and have more time to continue cutting. Especially when 3 This type of banana appear at first time (in fact, is very rare, I met with 3 or 4 times something only) you can reach 200-300 points guillotine was just a few seconds. If this feat appeared almost at the end of period 1 minute you will reach the ideal state high points there. We’ll have to be slashed a dozen times on 900 points. There are nearly 1,000 first time and probably will be more than 1000 points when not cutting to the bomb. I’ll split up for the fans of this game is not anything to brag offline. Hope I can help you play better cutting fruit game play modes with 1 minute. And the interesting thing is that if you dipped bomb 3 times in 1 minute you will be rewarded with 50 points Bom … Love it. ! Try the guillotine offline!